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Mercury Retrograde - Shaman's Trinkets - Handmade Bracelet - Crystal Energy Jewelry


Image of Mercury Retrograde - Shaman's Trinkets - Handmade Bracelet - Crystal Energy Jewelry

Shaman's Trinkets is a line of crystal energy jewelry. It's a similar concept to carrying pocket stones, but less bulky. The entire line is inspired by a shaman character of mine who carries a box of tumbled stones with her while she works.

The bracelets feature smaller collections of stones. They are small and subtle, and can be worn discreetly for those not open about their beliefs.

Mercury Retrograde happens about four times a year. It's an astrological phenomenon where Mercury appears to be spinning backwards to us on Earth. It's said to cause highly energetic disturbances, and many people have a hard time communicating and making business decisions during this time. This collection includes the eight stones typically recommended to wear of carry during Mercury Retrograde. These stones will help ground excess energy, as well as boost communication skills.

Mercury Retrograde includes:
Mixed fluorite
Smoky quartz
Blue lace agate
Black tourmaline

The stones are strung on nylon-coated stainless steel beading wire, so they're flexible like cord but sturdy. The bracelets are finished with delicate silver-plated steel chain, and they close with a lobster clasp. I typically make them 7.5" long, but I can make them shorter or longer to fit you. Please leave me a message on check-out if you would like a different length. (If you'd like an anklet or choker length, please message me first, so we can discuss the cost of the extra chain.)

The image shown is just an example of one bracelet. Due to the nature of cut stones, each chip is a slightly different size and shape. But each bracelet will include the same stones in the same order.

Please do not wear the bracelets while bathing or swimming. The water may damage the components over time.

The bracelet will ship within 2-3 business days.

Please keep in mind that all items are made in a house with pets.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.