Hi! You must be curious about the person behind Tizzy's Treasures, if you've wandered onto this page.

First thing: no, I am not Tizzy. Tizzy was one of my ferrets. I kept ferrets for twelve years, starting with a sweet little girl named Pepsi that I adopted back when I was in high school. Tizzy was my last. She was an adorable little hell-raiser (she liked knives.) But she was very much my baby. She liked rooting through my bins of beads and finished jewelry, climbing over my photography area, and stealing my rubber-handled pliers. I appointed her the Chief Cute Officer of Tizzy's Treasures.

She passed away from complications of lymphoma in February 2017, one year after I officially launched the business. I miss her dearly (and Facebook popping up memory posts of Tizzy pictures really does not help matters at all.) While I do miss having ferrets underfoot, I've had them long enough to understand that I don't have the resources to care for one right now, so for the foreseeable future, 

My name is Megan. I'm many things, and those things have come together under Tizzy's Treasures.

I'm a writer first and foremost. Mostly fantasy fiction, but I have found more than one way to weave my writing together with my jewelry. For one thing, I spend a lot of time researching history and traditional magic for my writing. I love myths and history and the places where the two get kind of fuzzy. 

I've found that I quite enjoy making jewelry inspired by myths and, when the right pieces come together, jewelry that tells its own story. It's taken me a while to get to this place, primarily because I am a self-taught. I bought my first set of beads (as an adult, anyway) in 2012. I had no intentions of making anything more than a few hair pieces for myself at that time. But, well...things changed. I bought pliers and cord and wire and more and more beads. And I soon realized that beading is an expensive hobby that takes up a lot of space, so if I really wanted to continue at it, I'd have to look at selling. Pieces of Tizzy's Treasures came together then. I was always too busy with work to really put any effort into the launch.

But it wasn't until 2016 that I attempted to sell my first piece. I'd lost my full-time job at the beginning of that year, and I was more than a little lost. I went to school for writing, and I had every intention of making a career in writing. But things kept changing, and that career always seemed just out of reach. My mom was planning the first Witchery Market around that same time, and she suggested that I take the leap and apply.

And so, February 20, 2016 became the first day of my business. A lot of things have changed since then. I've struggled in ways I never thought I'd struggle (and the always-changing Facebook algorithms are only one of those struggles.) And yes, while I am exhausted 90% of the time, I am far happier juggling my jewelry, my writing, my work at my mom's store, and the day job than I ever was working full-time retail management.