Image of Bereavement - Shaman's Trinkets - Handmade Bottle Necklace - Crystal Energy Jewelry

Bereavement - Shaman's Trinkets - Handmade Bottle Necklace - Crystal Energy Jewelry

$25.00 CAD

Grief is one of the most difficult trials we all inevitably face. It is a period of powerful emotions and growing through pain.

Bereavement is a collection of stones selected to help with various aspects of the grieving process. (This collection is intended to support your healing journey. Never replace doctor-mandated therapies with stones.)

Bereavement includes:
Rose Quartz - infinite peace, replaces negative energy with loving vibes, helps to release feelings of guilt
Onyx - helps manage stress, supportive, prevents spiraling into depressive habits
Amethyst - cleansing, protective (especially against unwelcome forces attracted to the powers of grief,) calming/soothing
Carnelian - helps with emotions, especially those that come with prolonged terminal illness, and the early stages of grief
Aquamarine - Stone of Release, cleansing, helps let go of the past, helps release attachment to the physical but retain good memories of the deceased person
Mookaite Jasper - bestows strength, shields wearer from difficult situations, connect with loved ones who have passed, brings the wearer into the "here and now"
Obsidian - protective
Rainbow Moonstone - balances emotional side, allows wearer to let go safely, stone of joy/optimism
Rhodonite - good for someone who is repressing/hiding grief instead of working through it
Smoky Quartz - grounding (especially good for overwhelming stress/depression)
Amazonite - helps to let go of loved ones and go through the process of grieving
Amber - draws out emotional/mental pain and absorbs it, emits soothing energy

The bottle is real glass. It comes on an 18" stainless steel ball chain.