Image of Change


$25.00 CAD

The only constant in life is change. But that doesn't mean it's easy.

Change includes a selection of stones to help you power through shifts in your life, whether you've instigated that change or you're just along for the ride.

Change includes:
Carnelian - motivates change
Tiger's Eye - supports during change, boosts confidence
Amazonite - guides through change, helps envision multiple possibilities/outcomes
White Moonstone - helps guide through new beginnings and helps find inner peace
Garnet - confidence, survival instincts, helps to navigate tricky situations
Malachite - reduces stress, boosts happiness, boosts endurance
Rutile Quartz - guides toward the truth
Amethyst - helps with decision-making, protective
Lapis Lazuli - removes obstacles, helps to take charge
Charoite - removes the feat that prevents change
Bismuth - initiates/drives change

The bottle is real glass. It hangs on an 18" stainless steel ball chain.