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$25.00 CAD

Sometimes, it's hard to be happy. And while "down time" is important, to help us better appreciate the good times, getting stuck benefits no one.

Cheer features a selection of stones to help support you and draw uplifting energy into your life. This bracelet is intended to support your recovery and growth, and should never replace doctor-recommended treatments.

Cheer includes:
Hematite - a grounding stone that also boosts self-esteem
Rose Quartz - Universal Love Stone
Charoite - to help reconcile the past
Clear Quartz - Master Healer, works with all chakras, and it helps regulate energy
Sunstone - a joyful stone that restores sweetness to life and facilitates self-empowerment, independence, and vitality
Red Tiger's Eye - overcomes lethargy and provides motivation
Turquoise - good for exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks
Blue Lace Agate - a gentle, soothing stone that helps break down old, repressive habits and encourages you to develop new, healthy ones
Amber - grounding, but it also promotes a positive mental state while absorbing and transmuting negative energy