Image of Create - Shaman's Trinkets - Bottle Necklace - Crystal Energy Jewelry

Create - Shaman's Trinkets - Bottle Necklace - Crystal Energy Jewelry

$25.00 CAD

Shaman's Trinkets is a line of crystal energy jewelry. It's a similar concept to carrying pocket stones, but less bulky. The entire line is inspired by a shaman character of mine who carries a box of tumbled stones with her while she works.

The bottle necklace collections consist of twelve stone chips each, in tiny glass bottles on 18" stainless steel ball chains.

The Create collection includes stones to help stimulate new ideas. Perfect for artists, writers, crafters, and anyone else who thrives on making things.

Create includes:
Moss agate
Lapis lazuli
Rainbow jasper
Blue fluorite
White howlite
Tiger eye

The corks are glued into the bottles, and the eye pins are glued to the corks for added security.

While the glass bottles are fairly sturdy (I've knocked them around a bit while travelling between markets, and only one has broken to date) please keep in mind that they can and will break. Avoid wearing them in the shower (where the corks might get damaged) or during any activity that may see the necklace getting knocked around.

These necklaces will ship within 2-3 business days.

Please keep in mind that all items are made in a house with pets.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.