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Divine Feminine

$25.00 CAD

Everyone has elements of both masculine and feminine in them. It's all about how the two sides balance. When we are not properly connected with the feminine, we struggle with managing emotions, maintaining relationships, connecting with intuition, self-worth, and empathy.

Divine Feminine is a collection of stones that are attuned to more feminine energy. I put these stones together because of this affinity, not because they contribute to an overall goal. Wear Divine Feminine to connect with and boost feminine energy in your life.

Divine Feminine includes:
Amber - grounding, stimulates the intellect, improves emotional balance/patience, encourages decision-making
Rose Quartz - Universal Love Stone, brings infinite peace, calming/reassuring, replaces negative energy with loving vibes, self-forgiveness/acceptance/trust/worth
Lapis Lazuli - opens third eye, releases stress, protective, harmonizes physical/mental/emotional/spiritual, encourages taking charge of life
Amazonite - soothing, balances masculine and feminine energies, allows you to see both sides of the problem, soothes emotional trauma
White Moonstone - stone of new beginnings, intuition, divine feminine, calming, soothes emotional instability/stress
Emerald - Stone of Successful Love, opens/nurtures the heart, inspiration, infinite patience, wisdom/intelligence, increases focus/intent, protects against enchantments
Labradorite - protector from within, awakens awareness of inner spirit/intuition/psychic abilities
Garnet - protective, inspires love and devotion
Hematite - grounding, protection, boosts self-esteem, concentration/focus

All metal parts are 304 stainless steel. The beads are strung on nylon-coated steel beading wire.

Standard length for these bracelets is 7.5", but I can adjust this as needed. Please include a note with your preferred length.