Image of Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine

$25.00 CAD

We all have elements of both the masculine and feminine inside us. It's all about honoring and maintaining the balance of this duality. When masculine energies run too high, we can struggle with anger issues and impulsivity. But when masculine energy isn't strong enough, we often lack courage and confidence.

The stones on Divine Masculine all correspond with masculine energy. Wear it to better tap into this side of yourself.

Divine Masculine includes:
Onyx - released negative emotions, defends against negativity directed at you
Green Tourmaline - attracts luck/success, stone of energy/stamina, helps overcome emotional issues related to father figures
Yellow Calcite - self-confidence, clears out old energy patterns, increases motivation
Red Jasper - physical strength/endurance, courage to face unpleasant tasks
Sunstone - good fortune, restores sweetness to life, facilitates self-empowerment/independence/vitality
Carnelian - helps timid speakers become eloquent/bold, courage/physical power
Tiger's Eye - assists in accomplishing goals, resolves dilemmas, heals issues of self-worth/self-criticism/blocked creativity
Malachite - encourages risk-taking/change, amplifies positive/negative energies
Obsidian - protective, enhances truth

All metal parts are 304 stainless steel. The beads are strung on nylon-coated steel wire.

Standard length is 7.5", but I can adjust this as needed. Please include a note with your desired length.