Image of Dreamer


$25.00 CAD

The subconscious can cook up some curious dreams. They can be anything from frightening to heartbreaking to absolutely bizarre. You can analyze the symbols in your dreams...but you have to remember them in the morning, first.

Dreamer features a selection of stones to help you recall your nightly dreams...and a little protection, too.

This bracelet includes:
Green Brecciated Jasper - dream recall
Dalmatian Jasper - protects against nightmares
Tektite - lucid dreaming, astral travel
Gold Rutile Quartz - amplifier
Green Jade - Dream Stone, brings insightful dreams
Amethyst - protection, serenity, opens intuition
Red Jasper - vivid dream recall

All metal components are 304 stainless steel. The beads are strung on nylon-coated steel beading wire.

The standard length on these bracelets is 7.5", but I can adjust this as necessary. Please include a note with your preferred length.