Image of Intellectual


$25.00 CAD

It's important to spend your life learning. There's always new information, new innovation, new stories to explore.

Intellectual features a collection of stones that help you maintain focus and use logic and reasoning to further your scholarly pursuits.

Intellectual includes:
Citrine - enhances concentration
Green Tourmaline - inspires creativity
Sodalite - logic and intuition, eliminates mental confusion and intellectual bondage
Amber - stimulates the intellect, grounding, promotes wisdom and decision-making
Peridot - sharpens the mind
Black Tourmaline - grounding, boost self-confidence
Amethyst - calming or stimulating as appropriate

All metal parts are 304 stainless steel. The beads are strung on nylon-coated steel beading wire.

Standard length for these bracelets is 7.5", but I can adjust this as needed. Please include a note with your preferred length.