Image of Petrified Wood Wire-Wrapped Necklace Image of Petrified Wood Wire-Wrapped Necklace

Petrified Wood Wire-Wrapped Necklace

$30.00 CAD
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  • Petrified Wood 1: Half-polished slice, 18" chain - $30.00 CAD
  • Petrified Wood 2: half-polished slice, 18" chain - $30.00 CAD
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Petrified wood is ancient wood that's been preserved by a process called permineralization, where the plant cells were replaced over time by minerals. This process often preserves fine detail of the original tissue structures. Petrified wood is a calming stone, excellent for helping to ground fearful or stressful energies.

These necklaces are made with slabs of petrified wood that are polished only on one side, wrapped in stainless steel wire. They hang from stainless steel chains.