Image of Protection


$25.00 CAD

There's a lot of negative energy out there, and when it comes your way, you need a little something to protect you.

Protection features a selection of stones that not only shield against negative energy, but that also ground negative energy.

This collection includes:
Hematite - grounding and protection
Amethyst - protection, especially during meditation/scrying
Peridot - believed to keep evil spirits away
Clear Quartz - absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, and also amplifies the effects of the other stones
Garnet - protective
Obsidian - POWERFUL protector
Green Fluorite - grounding, protective, draws off negative energy/stress

All metal components are 304 stainless steel. The beads are strung on nylon-coated steel beading wire.

Standard bracelet length is 7.5", but I can adjust as needed. Please include a note with your desired length.