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$25.00 CAD

Whether it's through formal education, casual learning at home, or life's lessons, there's always something to learn.

Scholar contains a selection of stones to help stop procrastination, improve concentration, and boost your mental faculties to help you process the information you're taking in.

Scholar includes:
Mahogany Obsidian - stabilizing/grounding, assists with critical thinking, opens the mind to a state of abundance
Hematite - grounding, promotes concentration/focus
Opal - creativity, flashes of intuition/insight
Snow Quartz - supports learning lessons
Kyanite - creates pathways where none existed before
Prehnite - memory/recollection
Andalusite - enhances memory recall
Rhodolite Garnet - stimulates contemplation, intuition, and inspiration
Emerald - wisdom, enhances memory/mental clarity, intelligence/discernment, increases focus
Rainbow Jasper - tempers procrastination, helps organize an overactive mind into more linear thought, refines thought processes to work through intricate thoughts/ideas/puzzles
Mookaite Jasper - overcomes procrastination
Apatite - inspirational, increases motivation, stimulates creativity/intellect, clears confusion, expands knowledge/truth

The bottle is real glass. It comes on an 18" 304 stainless steel ball chain.